Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Uncontrolled Vocabulary #19 - This is kinda fun.

Uncontrolled Vocabulary #19 is now available for download. Here's a direct link to the mp3.

You can subscribe to the show via the podcast feed (now available at the iTunes Music Store):

We'll be taking next week off to let everyone drive safely to their Thanksgiving destinations. Next episode will be the following Wednesday, November 28.

On the call:

Greg Schwartz, Louisville Free Public Library
Laura Carscaddon, University of Arizona
Julian Clark, Georgetown University Law Library
Laura Crossett, Park County (WY) Library System
Aaron Dobbs, Shippensburg University
Michael Golrick, L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library (Eau Claire, WI)
Heidi Hansen, Wayne State University student
Joshua M. Neff, Johnson County Public Library
Michael Sauers, Nebraska Library Commission

Links to the show topics:

1. What I Wish I Had Learned in Library School: A Public Librarian’s Perspective (
Things They Don't Teach you in Library School (WMUB)

2. Library Software Manifesto (TechEssence.Info)

3. We Know What Library 2.0 Is and Is Not (LibraryCrunch)

4. More on Blogging as Scholarly Communication (The Medium is the Message)

5. Porn in libraries is wrong, say residents (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


Julian said...


heidi said...

Hey Greg, just a little correction next to my name...I'm a Wayne State student, not UM. :)

Greg Schwartz said...

See Heidi, I always say I'm not really listening. Now you know it's true. Sorry 'bout that.

heidi said...

That's ok! I also told you I lived in Ann Arbor so it wouldn't be hard to make the connection the other way.

waltc said...

Greg--well, there's a topic here I wanted to listen to, but: In Firefox, I get the intro (ending with "talkshoe") followed by permaload, never going on to anything else.

IE7 won't even load the URL.

Apparently my PC agrees that I'm not a podcast person--even though I did manage to listen to one other episode.

Greg Schwartz said...

Walt, I just tried the mp3 link with both Firefox and IE6. No problems with Firefox. Opened right away in a separate tab with Quicktime. IE6 was no better than your experience with IE7. Did you try the Flash player on the blog? It took a little while to buffer, but played smoothly for me from that point.