Thursday, July 5, 2007

Episode 2 tonight

Just a reminder that we'll be taping episode 2 of the show tonight at 10 PM EDT.

For those of you who prefer to only stream the show (rather than joining us in the Talkshoe Live! room), my understanding is that during the live show, you should be able to listen via the embedded player above.

See this post for other instructions on how to join us live. Hope to see you there.


David said...

I tried to join but it seems difficult using Skype. Any tips? I'll listen to the MP3 Friday. Cheers.

Greg said...

David, it depends on how you were trying to call in, I guess. Were you using SkypeOut? I don't have SkypeOut, but my understanding is that it works. What happens when you try to call in? I use Gizmo Project and call in using the SIP connection, which you can't do with Skype.